"What I admire most about Eraka is her courage to reveal her true self to the world -- warts and all -- which in turn allows others to be themselves just as fearlessly.  Even when I disagree with her perspective, it prompts me to check the basis for my opinion and, on many occasions, rethink and adjust my position. Her care and concern for humanity shines through...and that is a gift in itself."

-- Rashida Sabreen Shakir, The Netherlands

"Eraka's truths are often universal in scope, nature and application. It doesn't matter where your ancestors were from...the universe doesn't care and neither does she. A treasure of a woman, with the spirit and resolve of a Poet/Warrior/Queen and the listening disposition of a diplomat...all at once! She delivers incisive truths...count on it."        -- Mark Jackson, Sr., Ohio

"Eraka Rouzorondu's writings deepen my understanding of women and the power they possess. I have a granddaughter, and it is my mission to help raise her to be healthy and confident and, hopefully, to choose to be a lady. Eraka's insights are a great place to start on all fronts."                   -- Daniel Diaz, New York, NY

"Eraka Rouzorondu is a continuous inspiration in my life. Because of her work, I have grown in my enlightenment day by day. I especially want to acknowledge the love she shows to women by teaching us to know who we are...she has no idea of the woman I am evolving into because of her. I wish I had known her 20 years ago -- I'd be a force to be reckoned with!"     

                               -- Natasha Whyte, St. johns, Antigua and Barbuda

"Eraka has a wonderful way of inspiring me to think outside the box. She never ceases to amaze me -- I cannot count how many times I have been uplifted and encouraged by her positive energy. With so much negativity in the world she reminds us all of the good and beauty that is in each and every one of us...all the while "keeping it real" with a healthy sense of humor! She truly inspires me to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be."

-- Sue Corbett-Tierney, New Jersey

"Few of us welcome the discomfort of growth. Few of us are courageous enough to accept life's invitation to one's own natural unfolding, and even fewer possess the courage to extend that invitation to others. Not Eraka: she probes, she nudges, she yells...she pushes us to see ourselves as we really are. She encourages us to take our own power and to accept responsibility for our ives. To take action. To participate. To activate.  She leads the spirit to dance and sing. She leads the spirit to freedom." 

-- Kathryne Peterson, New York, NY