Eraka Rouzorondu has evoked laughter and tears from audiences of 5 to 5,000! Her extraordinary speaking and performance skills empower her to approach dark issues with light, and to bring depth and meaning  to entertainment. As Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader, Lecturer or Mistress of Ceremonies, she enhances the impact of any event!

"One of the most provocative speakers

on the national lecture circuit today!" 

San Diego Voice

Ph,B. philosophies are applicable to virtually any subject.  Are you or your group confronting a specific issue?


to approach it from a position of


"ANSWERS" - This presentation explores the philosophies imparted in ANSWERS" and is a tremendous leap forward toward an empowered life!  (1-1/2  hours)

"ANSWERS - The Workshop" - An all-day workshop that teaches how to effectively implement the empowerment philosophies in "ANSWERS!" (6 hours, plus a one-hour lunch break)

"The Good News About Racism!" -  America is experiencing a heightened awareness of racism - how are you navigating all the emotions?  “The Good News” explains how racism against Black people got started and how and why it is being perpetuated. That “good news” empowers you to figure out what to do about it!​.

"It's All Good!" - A series for young people. Real talk: the wisdom of the elders...the power of the present...the possibilities of the future! Take control of your life NOW!  (Various installments, various lengths)

"What's The Matter?" - How do you reconcile values/morality with capitalism/materialism? What's the difference between greed and ambition? Is it about the Benjamins or the Buddhas? Whoa! (2 hours)

PRograms & Presentations

"Corporate & Conscious" - Does your emphasis on your own humanity make you feel like a lamb in a lion's den at work? Which should be the priority: principle or policy? Here's how to avoid getting sheared! (2 hours)

"The Art of Womanhood" - This half-day workshop is a follow-up for WOMEN & GIRLS to "Man & Woman, Heaven & Earth!"  For those with the courage to embrace the principles in the lecture, here's how to wield the POWER in those principles! (3 hours)

"Heaven & Earth" - This unique look at relationships starts with the reminder "We are animals!"...and then it REALLY gets provocative! No whining, complaining or finger-pointing -- this is a real-world, solution-oriented, no-holds-barred examination of the PURPOSE OF RELATIONSHIPS according to the one governing principle that NEVER changes:  NATURAL LAW! (1-, 2- and 3-hour versions)