"White supremacy

   is a lie.  

Ending racism

requires the courage to

face the facts."

​-- Eraka Rouzorondu

   Friday: 9am - 9pm    

   Saturday: 9am - 9pm

   Sunday:  1pm - 6pm


The VERIDICAL is a total mental, psychological and emotional experience specifically for European Americans who possess the COURAGE and DESIRE to release the mentality of white supremacy. You will not be merely educated – you will be transformed, armed with a completely new perception of reality built upon an unshakeable foundation of factual history and ancient wisdom.  ​Over three days you will have one of the most comprehensive educational experiences available today, and the Field Trip to Washington, DC will show you the LIVING PROOF of your new foundation for perceiving reality -- carved into the monuments that represent this nation.

Presented in essentially chronological order, the development of human and cultural consciousness is traced from 3.8 million years B.C. to the present day.  Virtually all aspects of reality are broached -- from politics to health and nutrition; from Egyptian to American history; from riots and revolution to prayer and meditation.

Because of the transformative nature of this experience, it is strongly recommended that couples enroll in The VERIDICAL together.  Participants in this intensive have changed partners, switched careers, started churches, left churches, relocated within the U.S., left the country, gone back to school, dropped out of school, become entrepreneurs and made other life-changing decisions.


​​​​The topics explored during THE VERIDICAL and their central themes are: 

The Physical Foundations of the United States
The overwhelming majority of white Americans have not acknowledged or internalized the Euro-American enslavement of African people.  That means you have not recovered from it.

There was a period of 17 years after emancipation when the racial reality of America reflected its promise...only 17 years.

Not Jim Crow, James Crow
The Jim Crow era is projected as a brief period in American history relegated to extremist behavior in specific corners of the South.  Its premises in fact shaped the spoken and unspoken laws of the land for nearly 100 years.

Un-Civil Rights
The motivations, methodologies and goals of the Civil Rights Movement must be re-examined with the wisdom of hindsight to determine the future of racial justice in America.

The concept of "White Allyship" must be redefined based on a strategic balance between "what is" and "what should be." 

​THE VERIDICAL is intended for European American individuals and organizations that are ready to move from principle to PRACTICE, from talk to ACTION, and from philosophical rhetoric to